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s8nBuds Features


s8ns Green Eye - Open your s8nBuds and s8ns eye lights up.
Compatibility - Compatible with iOS (Apple), Android and other Bluetooth devices.
Smart Sensor - This sensor allows your buds to automatically stop audio playback when you remove them and play it again when you put them back in.
Lasting Battery - Non-stop 3-4 hour battery for each earbud. Battery levels of each s8nbud is displayed on your phone.
Battery Case - The charging case allows for an additional 12-24 hours of battery charging. Battery levels are displayed on your phone.
Wireless Charging Case - The s8nBuds charging case can be charged wirelessly.
Pop-up Connect Animation - An animation pops up when connecting with Apple devices specially designed for s8nBuds.
Ultra-Fast Bluetooth - Connects in seconds with the latest Bluetooth technology.


Touch Controls


- Touch on the bud once to play, pause or answer a call.
- Touch twice to skip to the next song.
- Touch three times to replay song or play previous song.
- Say "Hey Siri" or "Hey Google" for things like playing a song, making a call, or getting directions.


Package Contents


- 1 x s8nBuds
- 1 x Wireless Charging Pad
- 1 x USB-Lightning Charging Cable
- 1 x s8nBuds Manual