JukeBuds CHARJ - White

JukeBuds CHARJ - White

This is the CHARJ from JukeBuds partner website, BuyCharj.com. JukeBuds has CHARJ's in stock and ready to ship with your JukeBuds order!




Ditch the bulky power bank. Charj compact wireless charger feeds you power Whenever and Wherever you need it. Stay connected in the new era of social technologies, stand out and get showered with compliments. 


  • Each pod holds 75% full phone charge (varies by device) 
  • Re-Chargeable - You can re-use each Charj pod for years to come.
  • Small & lightweight (30 grams) - fits in your pocket or on your keychain. 
  • Magnetic, durable, and portable
  • Environmentally friendly - reusable
  • Suitable for all smart phones - compatible with all devices.


Freedom to explore - enjoy surfing the internet wherever you are and staying in touch with your loved ones.


Included in each Charj Box:
- 4 mini Charj pods 
- 1 base powerbank
- 3 connectors, 1 Lightning Port, 1 Type-C Port, 1 micro-USB Port
- Micro USB cable to charge the main powerbank 
- Instruction manual, easy to follow



Battery type: Li-Polymer Battery
Battery Usage: Each Mini Pod holds up-to 1hour of charge or 75% of full charge (Dependent on device) 
USB Support: iPhone, Android, Type-C
Battery Capacity:  Base Powerbank 8000-mAh, Each Mini Pods Has 1200-mAh
Material: ABS+PC+Aluminum alloy anodized
Weight: Base Powerbank - 281.2grams, Mini Pod - 30grams 
Dimensions: Base Powerbank 140*76*20MM, Mini Pods 51*15*10MM
Socket Type: Universal 
Input Interface: Mirco USB (Included)
Features: Mobile Power supply, LED lighting